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Toronto Indie Night is a Hub for indie artists to come and showcase their work in front of an audience. Started in 2018 by Shannon McNally, we focus on bringing locally made content to the big screen. As filmmakers ourselves we have a special place in our hearts for film fests, however, Indie Night is not your typical film fest, we are a showcase. We love screening content of all kinds (that experimental dance video you shot to test out a lens... ya that one), we love screening "older" content, we love screening "forgotten" short films. We do not hold awards or prizes. The film industry is filled with moments to compete, at Indie Night, we just ask that you show up and celebrate where you are in your career today. We curate our event so that you can sit in the audience knowing you are going to have a good time. Indie Night prides itself on hosting events with quality content and a relaxed atmosphere.

With everything that is going on, we have chosen to bring our next event online! To do so, our website will be undergoing some renovations. This will be our 5th event in 2 years. But don't worry, we are here if you need us.

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If you are a filmmaker looking to submit content, please find us on FilmFreeway.

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