An Evening Of Firsts

"A Evening Of Firsts" Program

October 29th 2018



Written and Produced by : Chattrisse Dolabaille

Co- Producer: Jane Hailes 

Director: Richard B Pierre 

Star Blake Johnston as 

Director of Photography: Pedro Miguez 

Sound recordist: Kerron Schullere


Actors: Tyler McMaster, Daley Blake Smith, Altair Vincent

Director/DOP/Editor: Taras Lavren

Writer: Tyler McMaster 

Crew: Jes Kennedy and Altair Vincent

Dee The Human 

Created by Allison Busner

Starting: Allison Busner, Kendra Timmins, Katy Brier, Alex Harrouch, Shannon T. McNally 

DOP: Dan LeMoyne 

Mowtown Dance Night 

Written and Directed by: Ben Beauchemin 

Starting: Ben Beauchemin, Tamara Almedia

Director of Photography: Erik Anderson

Looking for Today 

Blood Hound Productions

Writen by: Conor Fitzgerald and Dylan Fitzgerald, Eric Lehmann, Cole Dimock

Produced: Conor Fitzgerald and Kenton Blythe  

Director: Dylan Fitzgerald

Starting: Kenton Blythe, Stephanie Hope Lawlor

DOP: Bryan Angarita

Sound: Jeff Alex Tomas

Hair: Lyn Macoy


Actors: Drew Nelson and Morgan Kohan

Directors: Tyler McMaster & Taras Lavren

Writer: Tyler McMaster

DOP: Sabrina Spilotro

Editor/VFX: Taras Lavren 

Crew: Daley Blake Smith

White Flag 

Director Jessamine Fok -
​Choreographer Rebecca Zizek ​
Dancers: Dedra McDermott, Karly Zizek, Meaghan Houghton
Cinematographer: ​ Michael Hitoshi Maddeaux
​Editor Jaime Fok
​Key Grip Kevin Lien
MUA Julie Thai
MUA Assistant Eliza Bumba
​BTS Photographer Katrina Castro
​Production Assistant Alejandro Parga
Music: Drop by Chloe x Halle 

How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer 

Produced, Written and Directred by: Aris Tyros

Assistant Director: Ian Geldart 

Cast: Aris Tyros, Adam Capriolo, Ian Geldart, Rebecca Gibian, Mikhael Melnikoff and Ryan Rogerson

Director of Photography: Gulio Calisse


Blink Twice Productions

Actors: Courtney Deelen, Jess Brown, Tyler McMaster, Altair Vincent

Director/Writer/DOP/Editor: Taras Lavren

Crew: Tyler McMaster, Daley Blake Smith, Jes Kennedy, Jess Brown

Those Who Rush 

Produced by: Joey Colman 

Written by: Katy Brier and Joey Colman

Directed by: Steven Schwartz

Edited by Darragh McGrath

Music: Danny Coleman 

Mothers Day 

Director, Producer: Alexander Desouza

Writer: Claire Bosnich

Cinematographer: Andy Youn

Editor: Ryan Conrad

Production Designer: Carine Zahner

Art Director: Chelsea Driver

Composer: Spencer Creaghan & Travis Grubissi

Sound Designer: Paul Wardlaw

Sound Mixer: Cara Shaw & Sophia Sam

Cast: Willem Sadler, Tyler James Nathan, Tom Hulshof, Chris Gleason, Dennis Roy Carmichael 


Director, Writer, Producer: Winnifred Jong

Cast; Annabelle Loi

DOP: Sarah Thomas Moffat

Music: Chris Reineck

Editor: Gloria Tong


Actors: Jess Brown, Tyler McMaster 

Director/Editor: Darik Maurice 

Writer: Tyler McMaster 

DOP: Kenny MacLaughlin 

Sound: Ryan Wibowo 

Producers: Tyler McMaster, Jes Kennedy


Thank you to all who participated and joined us for a wonderful evening

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