About Us

Who are we?

a photo of founder Shannon TM smiling

Created by Shannon TM, Toronto Indie Night hopes to become a outlet for emerging and experienced film makers alike. An event where film lovers can come and discover some of the diverse stories that are being told. 

Shannon comes from a theatre background as both a Performer and Producer. As she started working more and more in film and digital media she noticed a void, most projects never had a life outside of a streaming service. As a firm believer that human connection and the importance of learning from a live audience she set out to create an event that made showcasing independent content more accessible. 


Our Mandate

Toronto Indie Night is dedicated to creating a platform, showcasing diverse stories that properly reflect the world we live in. 

We stand by "Nihil de nobis, sine nobis" Nothing about us without us.

We strive to have gender equality in all of our events. 

We are committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for our patrons and artists. We will only showcase work that reflects those values. 

Our Values

Toronto Indie Night is committed to showcasing work that upholds our values of gender equality, diversity and accessibility.  We believe that this policy extends not only to the content of the films we screen but to our jury-members, board and the filmmakers we work with.