Toronto Indie NIght presents: Conflict

Our lineup: Web seires

Ghost BFF

Created by: Vanessa Matsui 

Produced by: Katie Noland 

Staring:  Kaniehtiio Horn, Vanessa Matsui

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Stay tuned for Season 2, happening soon. 


Web series: Soul Decision Comedy

Episode 2, The Bros 

Produced by: Lora Campbell
Starting: Kevin Vidal, Christian Smith, Nadine Djoury Paloma Nunez, Nigel Downer

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How To Get Away With Recess

Directed by: Ryan Rosery
Starting: Ryan Rosery, Adam Murciano. Shaquan Lewis, Rebecca Kwan, Franckie Francois, Samantha Cole 

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Short Films



 A devout Jewish father refuses to accept his daughter's choice in partner.

Produced by: Jeremy Fredman 

Directed by: Saul Rubinek 

Starting: Hannah Reid Rubinek, Saul Rubinek, Jeff Wood

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Pute No. 2

Victoria, a hopeful young actress, prepares meticulously for the hearing of an unnamed character: bitch number two.

Written, Directed and Produced by:  Juliettte Gosselin

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Single Asian Male

Directed by Steven Burley 

Written by Minh Ly 

Starting: Stephen Tracey, Loretta yu and Minh Ly

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Directed by: Nicholas Dragas
Written by: Nicholas Dragas
Staring: Gabriel Gherutchi, Nicole McInally

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Case Claus'd

Directed by: Gavin Seal
Written by: Gavin Seal 

Starting: Pierre Cavale, Marc Fournier, Isaiah Gero-Marsman

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Tough Gals

Directed by: Annie Yao
Written by: Annie Yao, Natalie Darbyson
Starting: Natalie Darbyson, Annie Yao

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Room Tone

A film by Morgan Cooper

Director: Morgan Cooper

Writer: Morgan Cooper 

Starting: Megan Hope, Frank Oakley III

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Life Via Rail

Directed by Jonny Micay. 

Co-directed by Ethan Godel: 

Music: Ryan Hawken

Drawn Animation: Mackenzie Telenko 

Production Help:

Aidan Tanner and Jonah Haber. 

Special Thanks: 

Jason Shron

Sidura Ludwig

Boaz, Dalya, and Isaac

Van and Sonia Shron

The Rapido Staff 

Linwood Barclay

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Paradise (Music Video)

A Film by Even Wu for singer Fran

Get to know Fran on her sound cloud


Homeward Bound


Homeward Bound: From Homelessness to Community

A project of: De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre

Presenting Sponsor: Telus Health

Video produced by: CineFocus Canada

Music written and performed by: Chris Birkett

Produced In association with: The Alliance for Healthier Communities

Producer/Director: Joan Prowse

Director of Photography: Jorge Uzon

Sound Recording/Mixing: Chris Birkett

Writer: Oleksandra Budna

Editor: Joan Prowse

Music: Christopher Birkett



To all who participated in this event. 

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Canadian Content. Stay tuned for info on our next event. If you would like to join the our indie night family, Send us as email. Submit your content. If you have made it, we would love to consider it. 

Until next time Toronto